Ethiopia 250g

Rich in fruit flavors with balanced acidity, strong floral and citrus notes


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This is the coffee that creates an experience in each of our customers! Extremely colorful fruit flavours with soft and pleasant acidity. Rich in citrus and floral notes. Very suitable for preparing Cold Brew and other filtrations. This Arabica is grown in the lower parts of Bale Mountain, Oromia Region at an altitude of 2000-2300m. The region is little popular due to the low annual yield, but it is one of the most favorable for growing coffee in the world, thanks to the climate and the two rivers near the coffee plantations. The family farm has existed for decades and is of great importance to the local people and the region. The coffee is picked and sorted by hand and processed using a traditional natural process without water, which contributes to its unique character.

Deliveries arrive twice a year and the coffee is roasted in small batches using hot air every week here in Sofia. This guarantees the unique experience you will get from every cup of coffee from our selection of freshly roasted specialty coffees.

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