Kolichka Bar is the first Bulgarian, authentic concept for mobile and professionally made coffee bavareges, as well as Specialty Coffee Shop in the heart of the Bulgarian capital.


Kolichka Bar is the first Bulgarian, authentic concept for professional and mobile preparation of coffee drinks aimed at various events, seminars, bazaars, exhibitions, also at office spaces, corporate clients and commercial areas.

Our presentation and the great retro design of our coffee carts are always more than impressive and create a mood in any indoor space or outdoor area we appear at.

The purpose of our concept is to provide a service to our partners through, which they can add value to their customers and visitors by professionally made coffee drinks from our retro-inspired coffee carts.


We are a company that offers a new approach in the presentation and preparation of coffee drinks. For flawless coffee extraction, we rely on vintage La San Marco coffee machines from the 1970s and 1980s, restored to perfection, and the latest generation of coffee grinders from the same brand. Experienced baristas prepare each drink with passion and uncompromising professionalism.


The coffee beans we use to prepare the drinks are imported from selected farms from Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, Kenya, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Indonesia. Specialists certified by the Specialty Coffee Association  highly value their characteristics and qualities, which distinguish them and make them so special. Every batch with a rating of over 80 points is classified as “Specialty Coffee”.

These are all the coffee beans that we roast weekly, on site, in front of our customers. Our Specialty Coffee Association  certified roaster applies the necessary knowledge, time, experience and professionalism to achieve a smooth and balanced taste from each coffee batch. 24 hours after roasting and completion of the process called “degassing”, the coffee is packaged to reach our customers with all its taste and aroma.

If you are looking for something more than coffee catering, we are your partner! Do not doubt that we will offer you the best prices and conditions!